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The Simplest Test for Our Abiogenesis Hypothesis

can be in a form of minimally complicated  (by adding crystal surfaces with wetting/drying them) Miller's experiment.
The installation diagram is shown in the figure below.
1.1 The scheme includes vessels V1 (with a volume of about 1 l), V2 (5 l), and V3 (0.2-0.5 l), connected by pipes c1-c4 with software-controlled valve1 and valve2. Valve3 is intended for sampling and can be conventional, through it, vessel B1 can be filled with water (both of fresh and approximately marine composition).
The diagram does not show the pump connection point for evacuating air and filling the upper part of the installation with a gas mixture (ammonia, methane, hydrogen), the pressure is about atmospheric.
After filling the installation, reliable sterilization of its contents will be required (for example, by turning on the H1 and H2 heaters).
1.2 In vessel V3, it will be necessary to place sets of minerals' samples such as sulfides and metal oxides for their subsequent illumination from the outside with LEDs.
1.3 Heater 1 is designed to boil water in vessel1 in two modes: a) slow boiling and b) intense boiling with a portion of the water thrown through c2 connector into vessel V3.

1.4 Heater 2 should provide minerals' surfaces drying in the vessel V2. The cooler must ensure the condensation of vapors while the water is slowly boiling in the vessel V1.

1.5 The electrodes are needed to create and maintain the corona discharge and can be placed in both the vessel V2 and the connector c1 or c4 .

1.6 The U-shaped pipe section near the vessel V1 is necessary to prevent the reverse direction of steam circulation, in it or in another place of constant water presence (optionally, if the funds will be available), a section of the measurement area shown by the dotted line is needed for optical spectrometers connection. It is a water-filled area 5-10 cm long between two transparent plane-parallel windows with dimensions of at least 1x1 cm for a light beam input and output or light guides connection.
The simplest abiogenesis experiment scheme
2. The discussed setup is the simplest option for an experimental test of our hypothesis (published in 2016) and another step towards the $10M prize. Quite likely confirmation of the hypothesis may lead to the creation of patentable installations - "mini planets" for the study of complex open systems at the origin of life level, which will become a "must-have" for any self-respecting university or bio/pharmaceutical company.
3. At the installation, after reproducing Miller's experiment itself, it will be necessary to compare the resulting "broth" composition with the original one while successive "degrees of freedom" growth in the form of adding mineral surfaces, their wetting/drying cycles, replacing distilled water with seawater, etc. This setup and experiments are more affordable (except, perhaps, analyzes of the "broth")  for an average university than svityk but nevertheless can leat some light on the abiogenesis problem as a whole and our hypothesis in particular.

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