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What can you do to take part in new abiogenesis experiment  - the most challenging one : discovering the origin of life

At present, we are planning to conduct experiments at NTU KHPI using equipment of Laser Laboratory (obviously insufficient). Therefore, you have a chance to participate in solving the most fascinating riddle of nature! We need:
- sealed enclosures of installations with transparent windows or parts of walls, with gas, light-guiding and electrical connectors, all of these made of possibly more inert materials (stainless steel, glass, ceramics);
- gases concentration meters and solenoid valves for nitrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane, etc., preferably with a computer interface;
- optical spectrometers for recording low concentrations of organic substances, simply spectrometers from UV to IR with computer interfaces;
- Peltier refrigerators;
- digital pressure sensors;
- all the above items should be sterilizable, i.e. withstand heating in a humid atmosphere (up to at least 150-200°C).
- methods for calculating convection dryers (the connection between humidity distribution and the power of refrigerator/heater pair, their temperatures, the area of ​open water surfaces and geometry of our "dry room").
Firms and organizations that have provided anything from the described here or any other help will get the opportunity:
- to be advertised in the process of the planned streaming-translation of the experiment, and on this site in the process of its preparation;
- participate in the patenting and/or production and sale of the developed installations.
All equipment provided can be returned after the experiment is over.
And the last but not least - money. The more ready equipment, materials and money we find, the easier it will be for us to get a grant for everything else.

You may donate in USD to Visa card # 4731185607256671, EUR - to 4149497873209391, UAH - 4731219103898825.
This is all an outline in zero approximation, everything will be clarified later.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for details
Or leave your proposal as comment:

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